What's the most interesting rabbit hole to go down?

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I don't know if you can call it a rabbit hole, but it's still really interesting. It's a story about the youtuber Britanni Louise Taylor, who met this nice man though Tinder. He claimed that he was getting a doctors degree soon, and that as long as he pulled out when they were having sex, she wouldn't get pregnant (which is a big fat lie). As he was really outgoing and a great guy, Britanni didn't mind getting pregnant by him, and even posted 10+ videos of her together with hey boyfriend.

Here comes the twist. As soon as she delivered the baby, the boyfriends "mom" and the boyfriend acted strange. They had acted strange before as well, but after the baby, they acted much stranger. They wanted to set a coin in the babys belly button to make it look better and a bunch of other stuff. All of a sudden, Britanni had her identification papers stolen, and there was only one man who could have stolen them: her boyfriend. He invited her out to take family pictures as well, but then at the same time he wanted individual photos of Britanni as well, while she wasn't smiling (they claim that these photos were gonna be used to passports). Then all of a sudden they wanted to go to the home country of her boyfriend, which was Serbia I think.

Everything pointed to the fact that they were gonna traffic Britanni and the baby to Serbia, and sell them for money. The real story is so scary when seeing the documentary Shane Dawson made.

You can watch the video her:


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