If I(25m) start getting in shape will I find it easier to attract women? I'm fairly skinny with minimal muscle definition. Do women find muscles attractive?

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The biggest benefit to getting into shape is you develop good habits that are generally desirable by everyone, you feel confident, care for yourself/health, and hopefully learn how to cook.


Generally yes, but there are other important things women will consider, so it's not the only element. But yeah, everyone (M or F) enjoys an eye candy.


30m here.

This question has a problem from the start, you make the assumption that women are generally the same, which unfortunately is an issue that a lot of young guys have. Women are not one-size-fits-all and men are not one-size-fits-all. Just as you have specific tastes that you find attractive in women - be it freckles, eye color, hair style, fashion choices, etc. - women all have varying tastes as well.

Look, if you want to get in shape and work out, then do that for yourself, but it's not going to change who you are. You could have six-pack abs and arms like cannons but if you can't say "hi" to someone then it will have no effect on your partner prospects. Also, if you get buff and find yourself in a room full of women who prefer men with "dad bods" it will also have no effect on your life. You see what I'm saying? The flip side of that, say you find yourself in a room full of women who are exactly your type and you are exactly their type, but when you open your mouth you say "Howdy, yall!!!" and every woman in a 4 block radius dries up like the Sahara desert. Stop trying to pigeon hole yourself based on aesthetics.

Meeting a significant other has much more to do with charisma. Even if you're not looking for a relationship right now and just want to have someone to fool around with from time to time you still need to create that initial connection. Get fit if you want, but also practice meeting people as this will benefit you way more in the dating pool.


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