Which is the best css framework?

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8 months, 1 week ago

Bootstrap. It offers both a lightweight version, and a bit more heavier version, and is overall a good framework. I didn't use Bootstrap for a long term, even after reading about it, until a tutorial I followed used it. This time I tried it myself and it's one of the best things i've done as a backend developer. I'm not a front-end guy, which really made me fall in love with Bootstrap, because I could easily make a decent looking site without needing to spend ages on CSS.

All though I love Bootstrap, I think it's important to know CSS as well. Knowing both can get you a long way. If you're thinking about starting to learn Bootstrap, but you're not sure if it's the right framework for you, then you should give it a try. I was amazed that it was this easy to use, when I first started.


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I'm not sure if bootstrap is the best.

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