Try listening to a song, and write the lyrics down in this thread without pausing the song?

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I start:
She was more like a beatu queen i share dont mind i am the one, who we dance on the floor go around, whe said i am the one, who we dance on the floor go around. She told me billie jean

I couldn't keep up at all. I probably got most of the song wrong, and the typos are hilarious. The song I tried was: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean


My turn.

Song: Adele- Hello

Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years youd like to meet, to go over, eveyrthing. They say that time supposed to heal ya but i aint done much healing. Hello, can your hear me. Im in california dreaming of whowe used to be whne we were younger and free. I forgotten how the world


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