What are some Reddit threads worth reading?

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Some good and creepy Reddit threads are:

A Reddit user named u/SpontaneousH posts about having done heroin once and never doing it again. Looking through his post history, he ends up as an addict and it takes him years to become clean. He is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t mess around with extremely hard drugs like heroin.

Another extremely good thread is reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/4cupwe/truckers_of_reddit_whats_the_craziest_scariest_or/
A bunch of truckers talk about their weird experiences while driving on the road. Some truckers talk about having experienced something that could have been a robbery while driving their truck. Some person was laying on the ground on an empty road, and the trucker stopped to check on him. There was no blood, and the body was just laying down. It seemed weird for the trucker, so he drove away, and as soon as he did that, he saw a bunch of people coming out of the bushes from his rear window. Had he gone out, he would probably have been robbed or something even worse.

A third creepy r/AskReddit thread is:
One Redditor talks about how some old dude once tried to break into his house while his friends were staying over. The old man tried asking if he could use their cell phone, after that he tried to break into their house. Luckily his mom was home and locked the door before the guy could come in. They called their neighbor who instantly arrived with a shotgun and made the intruder lay down. The police came 20 minutes later and took care of things.


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