What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

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Back in 2009, I was a delivery guy delivering small packages for a company. I worked part-time, as I was still in college, usually working shifts from 5-9pm. One day, I was driving through an empty road further away from the city. The roads were dark, and no person was to be seen. I passed by 1-2 cars when driving there for at least 20 minutes.

At one point, I saw traffic cones that blocked the road, while a man was laying on the ground. I thought that he may have been in an accident. I was about to step out of my car to check on him, but luckily I heard a little sound. I looked and saw a person trying to blend in with the bushes, and for a moment, I froze. Then I made sure that all my doors were locked and drove away as fast as I could. In my rear window, I could see a couple of people moving to the place where my car was, and the man who was laying down, wasn't laying down anymore but standing up.

When I first saw the traffic cones, I didn't think that it could have been a setup. If I had stepped out of the car, I may have been robbed, or worse, even murdered.


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