Why is Reddit so popular?

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Because Reddit gives you anonymity and the subreddits are moderated fairly well. Facebook is based on having friends and using your real name, and even if you use Facebook groups, your friends may be in them and get a notification every time you post in there. Also, rules are often strictly enforced on subreddits, compared to Facebook posts.

In addition, you can follow any subreddit/group you want, and your interests doesn't matter for the most part. Say you like internet mysteries, then r/InternetMysteries. Say you like to see memes about programming, then r/ProgrammingHumor is for you.

The anonymity makes many people, including myself, want to engage on posts. On Facebook, I rarely engage with other people's content because my whole list of friends will see it. There's also answers to most questions that you can imagine, on Reddit. This means that if you search for a question on Google, then there is a chance that Reddit will appear as a result on the first page. Facebook and many other social media sites block Google from indexing your posts.


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