What is ghostbin?

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Ghostbin is a paste service website started in 2013 where you can upload and store plain text, and then share the link publicly or privately with other people. It was first started as a pastebin service for iPhone jailbreak developers, but the creator later realized that most of the pastes didn't include code but other data, such as credit card information, and names.

It was first started because the creator, @DHowett on Twitter, fell in love with the font "Envy Code R" and wanted to learn the programming language Go. He saw other pastebin services but found some of them lacking the ability to delete and edit private pastes, and some of them looked ugly.

In may 2019, ghostbin was shut down as the owner realized that most of the pastes didn't have anything to do with iPhone jailbreaking or programming. The owner claimed that he didn't monetize the website and only lost money keeping the website up, saying the following on ghostbins frontpage: "I never marketed it, and never made any money off of it. I didn't want to! It was always a passion project. As the users rolled in, I started to realize what running a paste site was all about.".

Ghostbin later reopened in a different looking format and is still running today.


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