Why is Reddit a circlejerk?

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Because many redditors are socially awkward people in real life. Somehow Reddit has managed to put all sorts of people on their platform, but mostly people who like the anonymity part of their service. On Reddit, you don’t need to link to who you are to have fun. You just create an account and start following different communities. This means that many people who don’t want to browse/post on the internet with their real identity, go to Reddit. It’s much easier to make a socially awkward joke on Reddit, than on other platforms because your identity is anonymous. Also, there are tons of bots and people whose main purpose is to get karma, and somehow many people on Reddit find the same jokes funny, over and over again.

Upvotes and downvotes are features made to get the best quality, but it’s rather used by redditors as a agree/ disagree button. There are also many new people on Reddit that haven’t seen the frequently used jokes or still find them funny, which also makes the circlejerk on Reddit bad.

What makes the circlejerking worse is that all redditors sound like one person since most users don’t link their reddit account to their identity. This also makes it easier for people to post the same comments over and over again.

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