What are your professional goals in the next 3 years?

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I work in IT and my goal in the next 3 years is to learn a couple of new technologies to strengthen my portfolio. First, I want to learn react.js, a framework for the programming language JavaScript. It will make it easier for me to develop applications for mobile phones, both android and IOS, and it will also give me a ton of job opportunities I didn’t have before. I’m also planning on reading the book "Clean code" by Robert Cecil Martin, so that I’m good at writing code that looks clean.

I also plan on launching a simple app that I can use to show off on my CV. After that, I can apply for a job, where my goal will be to find a position at a company where I can grow and take on new challenges over time. I'd like to get heavily involved with the production/coding of a product and get involved in the product strategy as well. Most importantly, I want to work for an organization where I can build a career for myself.


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