Who is Kris Krohn and is he a scam?

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Kris Krohn is a scam artist who tries to sell you get rich quick schemes. In one video, he claims that he spent over $1,000,000 on a mentor who taught him that the most important piece of advice he knows is: “The most dangerous information is what you don’t know.”.

He makes it seem like you should spend a lot of money on mentors, instead of your business. Then he tells you that he is the mentor that can help you. He also says that you can buy 12 homes with no money or credit down, and he can tell you how if you attend his events. It’s not possible to buy 12 homes with no money or credit, you can’t even buy one home with that. He tells you that you should double your money every five years in the real estate business, and that you can earn $5000 a month after 30 days of mentoring by Kris Krohn himself.

Some more indications that Kris Krohn is not legit is that he is also the founder of the company Strongbook, which is running a multilevel marketing scheme (MLM). As of 2021, he claims that you can earn 25% annually from the stock market if you follow his methods. Making a 25% return every year is abnormally high. This means that if you have $100,000 and you invest them in the stock market following Krohn’s methods, you will have $125,000 the next year. Nobody can see the future of the stock market, and promising a 25% yearly return is therefore a huge red flag. If he was making that much, chances are he wouldn’t be trying to aggressively sell you a course.

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