What are the best Quora alternatives?

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1. qane.net
Qane is a new question-answer website launched in 2020 and is a competitive alternative to Quora. It's free and as of 2021, it doesn't require registration to comment or post. Qane is heavily moderated and is strict on low quality answers. Some old questions from 2020, when the site was less moderated, may be of low quality.

Unlike Quora, qane gives you a lot of freedom and doesn't require registration to view multiple answers. A lot of answers on qane aren’t focused on getting the user's answer more views, as on Quora where long story-like answers are often ranked highly. This means that the answers on the qane aren’t answered with money and attention in mind.

2. Stackexchange.com
Stack Exchange, launched in 2009, is a Q&A network built around 177+ different communities. Some communities include mathematics, Islam, engineering and programming. Each community has a strict moderation policy. This prevents the same question from being answered twice, and low quality answers. Users can vote on the answer they think answers the question in the most qualified way, like they can on Quora.

Users can also earn reputation points by being active on the site. New communities are added through a community named “Area 51”, inside Stack Exchange, where registered users can help choose which new community should be added. The three most viewed and active Stack Exchange sites are: Stack overflow, Ask Ubuntu and Super user. They are all created on different subdomains or domains.

3. Answers.com
Formerly known as WikiAnswers, answers.com is by far the oldest question-answer website on this list, being launched in 1997. On this website, people can edit each other’s answers. Answers can be marked either “Helpful”, or “Not helpful”. Like on a Wikipedia page, multiple people can be behind an answer.

As Quora, answers.com requires registration if you want to view the answer to more than one question. Their website shows you a wide variety of categories, and with 10s of millions of answers, you can find the answer to many of your questions.


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