Is Dink Doink a scam?

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Dink Doink itself is not a scam, but a coin surrounded by scummy behavior by its founders.

In July 2021, it was revealed that YouTuber Logan Paul was one of the founders to the coin. Previously, Logan Paul had hyped the coin up, saying that he believed in it and how it could become the next Doge coin. Some of his famous influencer friends also promoted it. Logan Paul never made it public that he was involved with founding the coin.

Every time he talked about it, he made it seem like he had just discovered this new coin which was worth his investment portfolio. The CEO of Dink Doink, Jake Broido, revealed in a podcast that Logan Paul was involved in founding the coin. This created a lot of controversy around Dink Doink, as Paul had never mentioned anything about him being one of the founders of the coin.


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