What is Dink Doink coin?

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Dink Doink is a meme cryptocurrency created by Logan Paul and his friends, launched June 23. For every transaction, there is a transaction fee of 10%. 5% of the fee is redistributed to Dink Doink holders, while the other 5% is going to something called the “PancakeSwap liquidity pool”. With Dink Doinks community, there is an official animated series that can be found on YouTube, with short animated videos. There are 10 quadrillion tokens Dink Doink tokens in circulation.

In July 2021, Dink Doink came under fire as being a scam coin because the CEO of Dink Doink, Jake Broido, revealed in a podcast that that Logan Paul was one of the founders of the token. In the videos where Logan Paul promoted Dink Doink, he never presented himself as one of the founders, and always made it seem like Dink Doink was a coin he had just discovered and found potential in.


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