Why can't David Dobrik vote?

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David Dobrik can’t vote because he has a Slovakian citizenship. As of 2021, he can’t get an American citizenship because he was born in Slovakia and came to the United States with his family illegally. He is protected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which is an immigration policy that prevent children who were illegally brought to the U.S. to be deported, under the circumstances that they don't have any serious misdemeanors or felonies.

Under DACA, Dobrik can be denied reentry to the U.S. if he leaves the country, which is why we never see Dobrik in other countries. “I'm DACA… and I can't vote, so I would really appreciate if people would go out and vote on my behalf,” Dobrik told Entertainment Tonight.

He followed up by urging his fans and every American with a U.S. citizenship to vote: “It's a cool opportunity to vote. It's nice that we get to do it and that we don't live in a dictatorship. That would be rough. You're helping out a lot more than you think you are, and you're being a part of something a lot bigger than yourself.”.

As the immigration laws are today, there is no direct way for Dobrik to get a U.S. citizenship, except if he marries someone with a citizenship or green card.


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