Why was David Dobrik cancelled?

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David Dobrik was cancelled in early 2021 because he helped his high school friend and fellow YouTuber, Durte Dom, sexually assault girls. Durte Dom was accused of raping a girl who was blacked out and unconscious. Dobrik set up Durte Dom with the girls, whom one of them made the rape allegation.

He vlogged the incident, portraying it as him inviting over five young girls under the age of 21, and hyping Durte Dom up to have sex with them. In the now deleted YouTube video, which was recorded in 2018, it was shown that Durte Dom ended up going to a room with 2 girls while Dobrik and a couple of other Vlog Squad members stood outside and opened the door one by one to watch the threesome, they watched it without consent of the two women. In the end of the video, they made jokes about going to jail. The girls who claim to be assaulted said that Durte Dom became more and more aggressive with his touching as the night went on.

Adding up to that, another famous YouTuber with over 300,000 subscribers, named Ally Hardesty, made a video in 2017 exposing Durte Dom for forcing himself on her and sexually assaulting her. This was about a year before the rape allegation incident. He has also aggressively groped girls before and apologized for it, but Dobrik still didn’t kick him from the Vlog Squad and had his back.

In another video, Dobrik filmed a prank where he asked a fellow Vlog Squad member, Seth Francois, to kiss with another Vlog Squad member, Corinna Kopf. Corinna was wearing a costume covering her whole body. Right before the kiss, Corinna gave the costume to fellow Vlog Squad member, Jason Nash, who then went on to kiss with Seth. Seth thought he was kissing with Corinna in a costume, but instead he was aggressively kissing with Jason, who was in his 40s during the recording of the video.

Seth found the act disgusting and later went out and talked about how David Dobrik could get away with doing a lot because he was the one who started Vlog Squad and had the most subscribers.


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