Is Neil Patel a scam and is his advice good?

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No, Neil Patel is not a scam. As long as you watch his YouTube channel and only implement the SEO strategies that fits your website, then you will be fine. He also has SEO tools on his website, which can be effective but aren’t necessary to create a successful website. Personally, his SEO tips on his YouTube channel have helped my website become much bigger. I have never paid for any of his services and never will, and not all his advice should be used and implemented on your website.

Patel’s advice is honest, and he makes sure to tell you that SEO isn’t an overnight thing. For instance, he tells you that for most sites, it takes time to rank on Google and the time depends on many factors, but it will usually take at least 4-6 months before you even start seeing small amounts of traffic from search engines. It’s noticeable from his videos that he doesn’t sound like SEO is a get rich-quick scheme. You must put in effort to rank on Google, and it will take time. He also follows along with the changes there is to Google, which means that what he says in his newer videos, is knowledge that you can use.

Some of his advice is bad, which is why you should only implement the advice that fits your website. He says that you should make your website compatible with Google AMP (this way, google caches your website and it loads faster when people click on it), but for me, that’s a bad idea because I don’t want my website visitors to see a cached version of my website that Google, a non-privacy friendly company, is hosting.

In his videos, he also shows that you should use “free” tools, including his own keyword search tool “Ubersuggest”, but all of them are only free for a limited number of searches, which he never mentions in his videos. It misleads you to believe that those tools are free for a fair amount of time, even though they aren’t. To get the most out of Neil Patel’s SEO tips it would be best, for most people, to watch his YouTube videos as they are free and extremely valuable.


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