What is the best VPN service for privacy 2021?

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Mullvad VPN is the best VPN for privacy in 2021. Here is why:

- They keep no logs at all and they are based in Sweden, a country with strong privacy laws.
- They don’t need your email to sign up. They will generate a random code that you have to write down to login.
- As of 2021, they haven’t been caught giving away data about their users, unlike HideMyAss.
- They offer a flat fee of $5 a month. No referrals or any extended plans.
- The company behind Firefox, Mozilla, partnered with Mullvad to launch their own VPN. Firefox is a non-profit privacy and security focused browser. Mozilla probably wouldn’t partner with a non-privacy friendly VPN provider.

The reason a lot of websites recommend other VPNs than Mullvad has to do with them including other factors than privacy when choosing a VPN. They look at things like how many servers they have, speed, if the VPN can be used with Netflix. They also look at VPNs with referral programs so they can earn money, which is why Mullvad doesn’t offer a referral program.

They want people’s honest opinions and not a paid opinion. Privacy should be the most important factor when looking for a VPN. If privacy isn’t what you are looking for in a VPN, but you are looking to watch Netflix in another country, then Mullvad isn’t for you. As with all VPNs, you should be careful when using them and never trust them blindly. While Mullvad may seem like a legit no-logs VPN provider, we can never make sure that it is as safe as it’s portrayed on the internet.

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