Why is TechLead a scam YouTuber?

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TechLead is scamming his fans by promoting a cryptocurrency called Million token. There is nothing wrong with starting a cryptocurrency, but the way he is doing it is morally wrong.

He tries to tell you that sometimes you have to invest in something at the right time, or else you will be stuck at your 9-5 job. He really tries to mock people who work a 9-5 and tries to guilt-trip his fans into investing in his cryptocurrency. Not only that, but he also uses a method called FOMO (fear of missing out), by telling his fans that if they invest now they'll make money, if they don't, then they have lost a fantastic opportunity of making money.

He has said that if you join in and buy his coin in the beginning, you'll become rich, which is basically not true. You can always end up losing your money. He also lied when he first launched the coin, claiming that he put $1,000,000 from his own money into the token, which is not true. In reality, he only invested $50,000 of his own money. This was exposed by a YouTuber named CoffeeZilla.


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