Who is Dan Bilzerian and why is he famous?

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Dan Bilzerian is the son of Paul Bilzerian, a rich convicted felon, fraudster and takeover specialist. When Dan grew up, he lived in an 11 bedroom mansion in Tampa, Florida. He came from an extremely rich family and when he turned 30, he got access to a trust fund worth millions of dollars set up by his dad.

Before that he went to a millitary camp and got kicked out 2 days before graduation, according to himself. He managed to graduate university and claims that he starting playing poker and winning big. Around the time he got access to the trust fund, his lifestyle changed and he started an instagram account posting pictures of his extravagant lifestyle with money, private jets, mansions, guns, parties and girls. He basically portrayed himself as the modern day Hugh Hefner.

This was until reports came out showing that his company, Ignite, lost $50 million in 2019. They lost $43 million on operating costs alone. They "only" managed to make $9,6 million, which is nothing compared to what they lost. Some of the things they spent money on was renting a $200,000 a month mansion for Dan Bilzerian. They also spent money on things like $15,000 for a ping pong table and over $130,000 for a photoshoot in an expensive location.

He claims that the trust fund he got access to when he was 30, was given away to his little brother. Later he claimed that he also took some of the money but gave most of it away. Overall he is basically just a dude who portrays a selfmade rich lifestyle despite being a trust funded dude who has been living in a mansion since he was born and had everything economically.


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