Why was FaZe Kay kicked from FaZe?

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Faze Kay got kicked out of FaZe for promoting multiple crypto scams. He got busted because he promoted a crypto currency called Save The Kids Token. Everytime someone would by a Save The Kids token, 1% of the money would go to a charity to help children.

They claimed that there was a feature in place so you couldn't sell/dump more than 20% of your wallets money a day. What happened was the on launch, the code was changed so you could sell as many of your tokens as you wanted to, instead of only 20% a day as they promised.

FaZe Kay and other members of the FaZe Clan including Jarvis, were caught dumping most of their tokens. At launch the price starting skyrocketing, but since they dumped most of their tokens not long after launch, the price fell and most of the FaZe fans who bought the coin in the beginning, lost a bunch of money.

Kay was caught promoting and then dumping a lot of other coins where his fans lost money. Basically, he promoted a coin making his fans buy it, they bought it and made the price go up, and after that he sold all of his coins for his own profit. After selling his coins, the price of the coin fell and a lot of people lost money. Some of the coins include the $MILF token.


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