Is garyvee a scam?

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Gary Vee is not a scam, but not everything he says is great.

He talks a lot about working hard and glorifies himself spending about 15 hours a day from age 22-30 in his parents vine business without any holidays.

Working hard is great, but working that much will burn most people out. It's really stupid for most people to work 10 years straight with no life other
than their job. You may have money in the end but you'll have lived a worse life than most people who didn't spend that much time working.

He also tries to make college look bad and claims that you can't go to college and be an entrepreneur at the same time, which is basically bullshit. Most people who start a business fail. It's good for most people to have something to fall back on, like a college degree.

He started his fortune by working at his parents vine store, which was already worth $3 million. He grew it much bigger, but he still had a hell of a platform to begin with. His parents had already turned it into a multi-million dollar
business. His parents really paved the way for him and his future.

He still has some solid advice as well: He wants you to start working on your dreams now, instead of pushing them.

Overall you should only use bits of his advice, if it works for you. Unlike many other get rich-quick gurus, he has a history of owning and running real businesses.


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