What is the weirdest thing you have experienced on the dark web?

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A few years ago, I was browsing the dark web, and discovered what seemed like a cult for dead people. To be a member of the cult, you had to agree to strict terms and conditions, confirming that you would commit suicide within the next 2 years. To sign up, you had to upload a photo of yourself, with your name, confirming that you believe in something called “deatism” (probably misspelled it).

I was severely depressed back then and was at an all-time low at that point, so I signed up. The website itself was scary once I joined. There was a chatroom, and tasks you had to complete every day. After a task was completed, a picture had to be uploaded and someone would check to see if it was real. My first task was something along the lines with “Go to a tall building where jumping off results in death”. I did as requested, posted a picture of it, and the chat showed a message of me completing the first request. I got tagged by multiple people in the chat, that praised what I did and told me to keep going. I remember the site being strict. A member once didn’t complete a task using an excuse and was told to either do the task before the day was over or to get kicked out and get his information leaked online by the site admins while getting harassed.

I completed three tasks, with the last one being to take a drug called DMT. They gave me a .onion link to a drug selling website to buy it. I didn’t know what it was and made a lot of research before snorting it to make sure it was safer than drugs like heroin and fentanyl. I was told that I should think of death as a positive thing when snorting it, and to think about how death was good, and that I wouldn’t be dead when committing suicide, but be transferred to and alternative planet with a better life. They told me that committing suicide never resulted in a death, because of quantum immortality. Suicide was a way to escape this world, and get transferred to another world in the universe, where I wouldn’t commit suicide but would get better.

Not long after completing my third mission, I met my now-girlfriend and fell in love. I was beating my depression and just disappeared from the site. Being scared that the site admins would come after me, I left the site telling them that I had been using a fake identity (which wasn’t true), and never came back.

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