What is realism in international relations?

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Let me shoot you an example. The Malaysian military has brutally cracked down on the democratically elected government and jailed politicians. In response to that when the people tried to protest all that they received was bullets and threats. Major democracies around the globe had condemned this. Major democracies except the largest democracy, India. Why is that so? One reason maybe that Malaysia shares its land border with north eastern part of India that has seen a rise in insurgent groups. The insurgent groups attack Indian civilians and military alike and take shelter within Malaysian borders. India in the past have and probably will conduct military operations beyond Indian border to get rid of such pests. But that requires military co-operation. Supporting democracy and criticising the military rule would mean India having to bite the bullet and may risk a rise in insurgency within Indian borders. Hence, India chose not to criticise the military rule. This is realism where one countries does a trade off of ethical values that it would have otherwise held strongly to but since it comes with a big price tag, it chooses not to.


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