Is Jason Capital a scam?

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6 months, 1 week ago

It depends. Some time ago, he made a TikTok video claiming that he needed people to work for him, and that the salary sould be around $3-5k a month. Unfortunately, that was a scam.

When I tried to get the "job", and contacted him/his bot through Messenger, I was told that I needed to invest $197 in his "Money Boss Plan" to get started, which would give me access to support from him, and help to level up my skills. That wasn't what he was promoting on TikTok - at all. What he said on Tiktok was that he needed a couple of people on his team, who would earn an extra $3-5k a month, by typing messages online. He didn't tell you that he wasn't hiring anyone, but was trying to sell one of his products.

His courses may be good, but he isn't afraid to promise you things that aren't true, to get you to buy his stuff, which is a huge red flag.


6 months ago

Some of his content may be great, but a lot of his videos don't really show how he made his fortune. A lot of gurus make their money off of their courses, not their business. He does have a business that is doing well though, besides being a guru.


3 months, 1 week ago

Damn, I think all he does is persuade his audience to buying his products. He talks about teaching his students the skill of persuasion, and getting people to do what you want and making them believe it was their idea.

^^ talks all about it there ^^


2 months, 3 weeks ago

What im more interested about is, although sly in his ways he is promoting his product, but $197 investment for an ROI of $3k seems too good for me. Does what he teach actually work is what im more concerned about

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