Is Jason Capital a scam?

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Jason Capital is a scam. Some time ago, he made a TikTok video claiming that he needed people to work for him, and that the salary would be around $3-5k a month. Unfortunately, it wasn't legit.

When I tried to get the "job", and contacted him/his bot through Messenger, I was told that I needed to invest $197 in his "Money Boss Plan" to get started, which would give me access to support from Jason, and help to level up my skills. That wasn't what he was promoting on TikTok, at all. What he said on TikTok was that he needed a couple of people on his team, who would earn an extra $3-5k a month by typing messages online. He didn't tell you that he wasn't hiring anyone, but was trying to sell one of his products.

His courses may be good, but he isn't afraid to promise you things that aren't true to get you to buy his stuff. You can’t promise people that they are going to earn around $3-5k just by buying and using your course. These are some huge red flags.

In mid-2021, he was on Instagram looking for someone who was a "perfect fit" to join his case study and become a “BNB Boss”. If you messaged him to become a perfect fit, he would send you a video of how the program he was selling works. The video was mainly Jason Capital repeating over and over how much money you can make. It still wasn't clear what type of business he would help you create, but you were expected to pay $997 or 2 payments of $500 for training.

It sounds scummy that he is looking for a perfect fit, but anyone who is willing to pay money is a perfect fit. Jason Capital’s real name isn’t Jason Capital, but Alex Maroko, and he has made most of his money by selling courses/books about topics like dating and basketball. In the end, he doesn’t really teach you how you can make money, but tries to motivate you and give you the right state of mind to create a business. You should also keep in mind that he has never made a profitable business, outside of selling books and courses.


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