Get 30 minutes free GreenMobility with this Promo Code?

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Promo code: gnLH1YqJ

When you sign up, using the coupon code above will get you a 30 minute ride for free on Green Mobility. This Greenmobility promo code lasts forever and can be used whenever you want, in every country you want, as long as it’s a GreenMobility car. It can also be used to drive a van, if you want to carry bigger items. Make sure that the car you choose has more than 30% battery if you want to use all your 30 minutes at once. You can see the battery percentage by clicking on the car you want to drive/open.

All of GreenMobility’s cars run on electricity and therefore they have an automatic transmission, meaning you don’t have to worry about changing gears when driving.


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