How does it feel to smoke weed?

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Note: This is my experience and weed has different effects on people. For me, it feels like this:

Everything is more “attractive”. Suddenly, the food tastes amazing and music sounds much better, and (in my case) things like laying on my bed, will be enjoyable. The creativity of yours will skyrocket, and your thoughts will be much deeper. Having sex while being high will be the peak of everything you have ever done. You will feel like your partner is much more attractive, and while doing the act, you’re going to feel like all your sensations are placed “down there”.

I tend to feel much more motivated as well. I can feel like a loser, and after smoking weed, I can feel like I’m the next Bill Gates.

All in all, smoking weed feels like the closest I will ever come to heaven.


I'm more relaxed and hungry, And sleepy. Really, it depends on the strain and hybrid of the weed. Some can be uplifting, euphoric, some can be relaxing and sleepy, some can make you hungry and gigglity, or all at the same time sometimes.


Sounds come out of speakers life toothpaste coming out of a tube.
oh, wait, maybe that was the acid and not the weed.

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