When was the last time you bought a phone?

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Last time I bought a phone was in 2019. I bought a OnePlus 7 for about $650, which I thought was a fair price compared to other $1,000+ flagships. I would highly recommend buying one of those flagship killer phones, like the new OnePlus. They’re fast, robust, have nearly all the important features the flagships have, and most important of all: They are dirt cheap.

The only thing you might worry about when buying a OnePlus is the camera. The camera quality is great, but if you want to send good pictures on Snapchat, the quality will be bad. This is because when Snapchat makes the Android app, they must make sure it’s compatible with all newer android devices, and the list of devices is long. Therefore, when you take a picture on Snapchat on an android phone, the phone will just take a screenshot of your camera view. This is problematic because when you take the picture, advanced software make it look better. But because Snapchat takes a screengrab, the advanced software can’t do its job.


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