Has someone ever used you?

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Yes, a lot of people used me a couple of years ago when I had a well paying job. I owned (and still own) my own apartment, and always invited friends over. Those "friends" didn't really hit me up often back when I didn't have an apartment, but all of a sudden, they wanted to see me nearly every day. When coming over, they would usually bring other friends as well, and I'd have a lot of people I had never met before hanging out in my apartment.

After 1-2 years of dealing with that, not seeing how wrong it was, I started telling my "friends" that they couldn't bring any of their friends over, which they got mad about. Then they got mad when I asked them if we could hang out somewhere else. When I got a girlfriend and she moved in, I stopped letting them come over as often as they used to. After that they rarely ever messaged me again, which made me realize how fake they were.


No, not really.


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