What does depression feel like?

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I'm speaking from experience here. Depression feels like ...

Everything is boring. Everything. You're not interested in food, sex, tv shows, movies, music. You're not interested in your work or school.

Nothing is interesting. And it doesn't just last an afternoon or a couple days, it goes on for months and months and months. Everyday, you wake up, you do your life, and you don't care about anything.

Also, the slightest sad thing can make you want to bawl your eyes out.

And you begin to feel like ... not that you actually *want* to kill yourself, but that if you died, you're okay with that.

In my case, this was all caused by a critically low B-12 level which was corrected with daily B-12 vitamins.


You emotionally flatline. Sadness is the only thing that can get any energy, sometimes. But it’s variable person to person.


It’s like a fog. It’s anxiety without the anxious. You can’t move. You are stuck . You can’t go anywhere. You are lost


Tiredness. There’s an overwhelming urge to get back into bed during the day rather than do your job or chores or go out the house.


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