Do you think that a 12 year prison sentence is enough for murder?

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I don’t think that 12 years in prison is enough for a murder, but 14 years for a regular murder is enough in my opinion. Giving out 30 years or lifetime for a murder may seem fine, but 30 years is a lot. Just look at the huge difference there is between 1990 and 2020. In 1990, most people didn’t have a phone in their pockets and there weren’t many security cameras. Today there is a security camera in most places and everyone has a phone, where they can look up anything they want and can connect with any person. You couldn’t imagine that in the 90’s. Just look at the past 15 years, so much has changed.

Also, a lot of gang members would never get a second chance if they got life in prison without parole for a murder. Imagine this: You grow up in an area where most of the people you see and meet are involved in the gang life. Your whole neighborhood is poor, and crime rate is high. You drop out of school and join a gang because that’s what most people in your neighborhood and your friends are doing.

One day, a rival gang member shows up in your neighborhood and starts beefing with you. You stab him down, he dies, and you get life in prison and never see the day of light again. Killing isn’t acceptable, but it’s sad to see someone who grew up in an area where he was basically raised to become a gang member, get life in prison for killing someone who may have hurt people in his neighborhood.


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