Is Dan Lok a scam?

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6 months, 2 weeks ago

Yes. He is an old scammer. Many people who have paid for his course, have said that they basically ended up getting upsold to another course called "The inner circle". The students did get some useful information at the first couse, but it wasn't worth the money they paid. Mind you, this particular course costs about $2500, which is a ton of money.

You are way better off buying a course on something specific on Udemy, or use the free courses on YouTube. Anyone who charges this much for a course, without having a history of at least one succesful business, is probably trying to scam. It is hard to find any information about Dan Lok's previous business, and with the amount of students he has, he is probably making money selling courses.

A video where a guy who bought courses from Dan Lok, explains how he was always upsold to another program, and didn't get much for his money:

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