Weirdest dream you have had?

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I once dreamed that I killed my family. Everyone single one of them. After having killed them, I got an extreme feeling of regret. I couldn't realise that I had just killed my lovely family.

Lukcily, I woke up after that with an intense feeling of happiness. I was so happy that I didn't kill anyone, and that i was just a dream.


I had this dream where I was walking down a normal looking hallway, suddenly an unasuming man came up and started to wrestle me. I was having trouble keeping him at bay but I managed to push him off me. Sadly when I did, a ton more of these men with the same faces started coming closer to me.

I was unable to hold them off and they pushed me against a wall. I could vividly feel as I was getting tickled all over and I could barely breath, while my arms and legs felt squished by the pressure.

After I managed to wake up, I still felt these tingles up and down my body. Just a very weird dream, indeed.

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