Is Tai Lopez a scammer?

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Tai Lopez is a scammer. After buying his course, I found out that he doesn’t sell you tips on how to run a business, but tips on self-help. He always markets himself as this businessman who can help you grow your business, but instead he just teaches you how you can better yourself and your way of thinking.

In his course, he kept saying that he didn’t want his student’s money but just wanted us to succeed, but he always tried to upsell us to a more expensive course, knowing that we had just paid the course which he was using to upsell us. The course, called “67 STEPS”, was 15 hours long and at times it felt like Tai Lopez had just added hours of content into it, just for the sake of it. He would often say “uhm” and talk slowly, which on top of the waste of content he added, made the course's quality worse. The waste of content is basically him talking about weird things and effects, and then jumping around different topics to talk about, which also makes his course confusing.

He claims that he reads a book a day, but in his course, he tells you that he doesn’t read a whole book every day, he skims through some parts of it. Skimming through parts of a book is far from reading it. But he still claims that he reads one book every day, on his YouTube channel.

We don’t know much about Tai Lopez’ past businesses, other than a video where Tai Lopez claims that he started his fortune by running a couple of nightclubs. He also started a couple of dating websites, which he made money on in a scummy way. The one dating company we know he owned, which owned his dating sites, is the company Elite Global Dating. He would have a dating website and make people pay a monthly fee for using the site. He would then send out messages to people telling them that they had been messaged by a potential future partner, and as soon as they tried to respond to the person who messaged them, they didn’t even get a real respond by a human.

People who were messaged found out that no real person had messaged them on the site. People who signed up had a hard time getting a refund. This is a scummy method to use to keep paid subscriptions on your website.

With all this in mind, Tai Lopez may have some good advice, but a lot of what he is doing is scummy, and we don’t know anyone who has succeeded listening to him.


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