How do I piss off a police department?

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Here are some ways you can screw up your local police department after an incident like the George Floyd case:

1. Go on the police departments Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, it's likely that someone has already posted a video or picture (and even address) of the bad cop in the comments. Save the address/picture or video of the cop and repost it.

2. Tweet/message the police department telling them to look at the said case and do something about it.

3. Use Tor ( and a VPN like ProtonVPN to be on the safer side when doing step 3.

4. Visit the police departments website and find their email or an online form. Tell them how they should get their shit together in a not-so-nice
tone, and to fire and charge the said police officer.

5. Some states have the police officers emails listed on their website, try looking for them and email them (or send them a mail through a postal service)

6. Call their police departments non-emergency numbers or other numbers you may find, and tell them to get their shit together and charge the said officer

7. You can usually find the address of a police officer whose video has gone viral by typing their name + house address in double quotes on google.
Example: "derek chauvin house address". Note: When you're using double quotes google specifically looks for the said keywords/sentences
you have, which makes it easier to find someones address. You can also try "derek chauvin address". Post the address of the police officer everywhere. On blogs, comments and pastebins.

8. If you live nearby, give the said police officer a nice visit:)

9. Message the mayor of your city, and tell him/her to do something about the situation


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