How does it feel to take codeine?

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Codeine didn't have a strong effect on me. I took 75mg of codeine once, and I felt relaxed and calm for about 30-40 minutes, after that I had headaches for 3 days straight, and could never get the same effect again when taking it. 25mg and 50mg of codeine didn't do much to me


Codeine is a semisynthetic opioid, as opposed to fentanyl/painkillers (oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone) which are full synthetic and opium which is a natural opiate. Opioid drugs are like that feeling of warmth you have when you're in a comfy spot almost ready to go to sleep - hence opiate users "nodding off" at high doses. There's a delirious aspect at high doses, like dreaming while you're awake or having very strange and vivid thoughts. If you're prone to nightmares you'll have a lot. It's like being in a hot-tub, and like being in a hot tub you can easily have too much. I don't respond well to opiates, personally. I've tried Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone, Morphine, Heroin, IV heroin, Opana, and Tramadol which isn't really a true opiate. Methadone was one of my favorites because it gave a consistent high that lasted a long time. Hydrocodone was nice because it was easy to function on. Tramadol was my favorite because it gave everything a sort of a neon glow and felt similar to a woman's love - the metabolites of opiates are similar to oxytocin. Heroin, which nowadays is ALL mixed with fentanyl, always made me puke buckets. Opiates tend to make me very itchy, scared of overdosing, and very nauseous. In my opinion the best way to take an opiate is alone at home with something nice on the TV along with a 25mg benadryl to offset the itchiness and nausea.

People who respond well to opiates tend to feel energetic and "goofy" while on them, feeling relief from anxiety. Oh, opiates also make it impossible to shit and cum.

My advice is stay well away from everything except weed and psychedelics. It's far too easy to overuse drugs or get fakes which is expecially common with opiates.

Stay safe and never do meth.


really good. but not too much or you’ll probably fuck something up so go slow.




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