Is this better than Quora?

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No, it's not. Let me tell you why.

Quora is much bigger - and a lot of the questions asked there, are answered. Some are even answered by professional people. Due to this site being small, it's hard to compare it to a billion dollar company like Quora. I do think that it has great potentiel to beat Quora, if it at some point requires registration and gets more users.


It's pretty crap- but a pile of dog shit would literally be better than Quora


In theory, one is better in the user security aspect; following Qane's general idea of ​​not needing an account, to find a simple answer to a question, and not to waste time with registrations and entering personal data, as other Q&A Sites do.
(Something, which by the way, works quite well in "Incognito Mode".

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