What is the worst Christmas gift I could get for someone I truly loathe?

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indifference, which means that you shouldn´t give that person a christmas gift; or even look at him/her


You can mail people ladybugs


If you MUST give them a gift because idk a family gathering type of thing, then do a low effort card. Like the one's you used to make as a kid, but you're an adult so it's like "wtf is this shit"


random assortments of electronics from ali baba.


You can always send them one of those singing cards that won't stop if you pull a tab. And when they try to rip it up, they're met with glitter that was filled within the card itself. It's fantastic when glitter gets everywhere for someone you hate.

Just like... sand.


Envíale un papel con un juego de palabras que parezca un acertijo, como escribiste cualquier cosa, la otra persona estará muriéndose por encontrar la respuesta o qué le quisiste decir pero jamás lo sabrá; por ejemplo, cuando el teclado tiene letras hay personas que están comiendo en un lugar lejano.


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