Why does this website open up a new tab every time I click on 'Random question'?

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Because I though it would be better for the user. Is it bad? I'm going to change it to open on the same page if it's bad.


Not bad, not great either. See, if I navigated to a random question then decide to answer it, I can't refresh the page anymore for a new question. So if I go back to the main page and click on 'Random question' again, it opens up another new tab and now I have 3 open tabs.

Personally, navigating through the site does not open another new tab except for the random question button. Before I knew it, I had like 10 tabs open because I expected my session to be within one tab.

I mean I'm sure there are people that enjoy that feature, but a design like that doesn't really make sense to me.

On my browser, it works to refresh the page. It shows a new question after every refresh. Doesn't your browser do the same? Either way, it has been changed now, and doesn't open a new tab:)


Hey thanks for the change! Also, to clarify, it does show a new question every refresh if I decide not to answer. But if I do happen to answer a random question, my ability to refresh the page to a new, random question is gone.

Would it be possible to add a 'random' flag for someone going through the 'random question' button? So we could keep refreshing for a new question after answering one?

Maybe it would. But I'm afraid that it will be coded with flaws, as I'm not the best programmer. I'm looking for alternatives on how people can answer questions without going away from the "random question" page!


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