Which headphones do you use?

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The Jaybird Freedoms. They have a good sound quality, but the bad thing is that they break easily. Jaybird have some sort of guarantee, which works well - thumbs up for that.

They fit my ear, but i wouldn't recomment them if you want something that works out of the box. When i first got them, finding something that fits my ears without hurting was a struggle. Eventually i just had to get used to it hurting, until the ear finns were easy to bend and didn't hurt me anymore. Also, the out of box sound settings weren't that impressing.

I'd recommend them if you want some fairly cheap headphones with a great sound quality/isolation plus an app that lets you change the sound to the way you want it. After i adjusted my headphones to my likingsm through the app, i really felt like i got what i paid for.


AKG noise canceling over ear.
I pre-ordered my note 9 and had the choice between them or V bucks.

They are actually pretty sweet I love them


mr speakers ether flow c 1.1


Aftershokz aeropex


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