What is different between ahmadiyya muslims and other muslims?

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1=ahmadiyya muslims began in 1889 in india, when the founder claimed that allah has chosen him as promised messiah and imam mahdi to remind true peaceful teaching of islam in later days.

2=ahmadiyya muslims follow mostly hanafi fiqh. they believe in five pillars of islam and six articles of faith.

3=they believe hadhrat muhammad pbuh is last prophet with last book.

4=they also believe that prophet muhammad called later days' promised reformer as isa-nabiullah (sahih muslim) and also mentioned two different countenances of isa. isa of musa was reddish man with curly hairs, and isa of later days with brownish color and straight hairs (both ahadith is bukhari). hence later days' reformer cannot be original isa. it is just a title for later days' reformer. thus hadhrat muhammad himself is calling later days' man as isa-nabiullah i.e. isa prophet of allah tells that this man is a prophet-with-no-new-book.

muhammad=last prophet of last book
later days promised man called promised messiah=servant-of-muhammad-prophet (sub ordinate prophet as muhammad pbuh described)

hadhrat muhammad said i am last prophet and my mosque is last mosque (sahih muslim). mosques are still being built !!!. here last means last in status, not is sequence.

5= ahmadiyya muslims believe from quran that jesus was prophet of allah only for people of moses. he has died he was taken off cross he was cured and went to preach other tribes in iran, afghanistan, india tibet and he died in kashmir. [proofs from quran, bible, medical and historical record in book, jesus in india at alislam dot org]

6=khilafat is a bounty of allah for people with right belief and good deeds as surah nur in quran tells. ahmadiyya muslims have now fifth khalifah.


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