Why did they create qane.net if there is already a quora?

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Because it's different than quora?
Qane represents what the internet used to be back in the days!

Username and login credentials!? None here so far
imagine that! Typing your username and password into someone else's computer interface!

Someone else's software keeps reminding you that all of your data is yours and magically protected with and by awesome algorithms

Simple, it's like the electrolytes on idiocracy!


Because it doesn't require registration


It's like 4chan and quora had a baby.


No website should be against a certain people or religion in the name of question and answers. one hopes this site will grow best in the world.


And why create Instagram if there is a Facebook? Why create chrome if there is Firefox? Why create twitch if there is YouTube? Why create prime video if there is Netflix?...


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