Where is Sterling Knight now?

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As of 2021, Sterling Knight is still pursuing acting even though he hasn’t been in any movie since 2017. He often trains and has golf as one of his favorite hobbies, which can be seen on his Instagram @realsterling. His appearance has changed, and he often keeps a beard. He has over 272,000 followers on Instagram, but rarely ever posts, unlike Twitter where he frequently posts. He announced his engagement to actress Ayla Kell in 2018, whom he has dated since 2014.

After being the main character in Starstruck, he had trouble getting major roles for movies where the character needed to be older than just a little teenage boy. He has been in 18 movies and TV-series since Starstruck, including “Different Flowers” and “It Snows All the Time”. None of these movies have been as big as Starstruck, and he has not been in any movies or series since 2017, where he was in the science fiction movie “The Man from Earth: Holocene”.


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