Is chrome book worth it?

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It depends for what is being used! If you can remove the Chrome OS and in exchange install a real GNU\Linux OS, than yes! It might be worth!

Google is well known for sucking big time! For example, their white theme with a baby bluish bullshit all of the place!

Also google is heavily proprietary, so you will be sold dirt cheap! Of course, if you plan to use Google products professionally, then go ahead!

Subconsciously google's marketing position is similar to apple! If you are using it at work than you are automatically labeled as a "good modern normie"

Guosh ... apple - don't let me start with that disaster!!


Probably, as long as you don't need to run any downloaded software. For most people a Chromebook can do everything that they need. Their price-point is hard to beat so if you just need to do basic web surfing and document editing it can be a great fit. Build quality of chromebooks can very by manufacturer though, so go with a brand that you recognize and you should be good to go.

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