How do we restore logic to America?

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You vote joe biden


Change education system, Make people think rather than just read or hear, Reason with yourself and your ideologues.


America never had logic. However, getting rid of the 2-party system will go a long way. Institute ranked choice voting so people can vote and identify FOR something, rather than against their constructed totem pole of something else. After that, competently address poverty. It's been shown that when people are struggling to pay their bills, their functional IQ lowers by around 10 points. If people feel secure, they think more rationally and are less prone to bigotry and extremist ideologies. You'll probably need to crack down hard on corruption and lobbying in order to do that. Start with publicly funding elections, mandate that all high-level legislators fully liquidate any trading portfolio or company ownership. Ramp up FBI monitoring of federal legislators. If forced transparency is a dealbreaker, don't run to make life and death decisions for 700,000-360,000,000 people. These are just the tip of the iceberg changes. As you can see, a LOT would have to go right to bring logic to America. So just focus on besting yourself and the people immediately around you. Nobody can singlehandedly fix America, but you can fix your corner of it.


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