Do you think that weed should be legal?

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Yes I do. There is no reason for weed to be illegal when it's not a hard or dangerous drug. Weed is less addictive than most other drugs, to the point where it's stupid to still keep it illegal. It is still dangerous on some factors, but pretty much every drug is dangerous if used incorrectly, even alcohol.


No one should go to jail for smoking or possessing weed, it's just not that sinister of a substance. It should obviously be illegal to sell to minors and do anything like drive or operate machinery, and imo it should be illegal to smoke in airspace that is shared by someone else, because now the smoker's enjoyment of their substance is infringing on the other person's right to not inhale fumes. But if the person owns the space or is isolated from anyone who would be affected, then let them do them. I do honestly detest it and hope that eventually it becomes something uncool to do, but I don't think the users are criminals for lighting a plant on fire and sticking it in their mouth, even if imo that's a really dumb thing to use your life for.


yes, at the very least decriminalized
doesnt make sense to go to jail for having a leaf


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