How do I ask my crush out? Like she means the world to mean but we only talked 2 times. I'm not super manly, but is there a way where I can make up for this?

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First, I would recommend spending time with her to find out if you are truly compatible. She might have some odd mannerism that bugs you in the long run, and it's good to know that you have something in common to talk about. Second, "super manly" doesn't appeal to everyone, but confidence? Almost everyone is attracted to that, without a sliver of a doubt.

My advice is to invite her to play a game that you either both enjoy, or would like to try together, or do some other social-distancing thing (there's still a pandemic, unfortunately, or I'd suggest hitting up a bowling alley with friends. :( ) If you do it as a group activity, it makes things a LOT more chill until you get to know one another better! I cannot tell you how much more relaxed I am in a group when meeting new people vs individually. Just say, "Hey, me and my friends were wanting to do X, would you like to join us with a couple of your friends?" Be cool, casual, and confident!

If she doesn't seem like the online gaming type, a different activity could be something done outside. Archery, dog parks, walking through a park to look at Christmas lights, etc. You guys have a better idea of what you'd consider fun than I do, but please, please wear masks and keep it safe! It's the worst time right now for making friends and relationships and it sucks, but I'm confident you can figure out something that works for everyone!


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